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Brooks Instrument celebrates 75 years of innovation in fluid measurement and control

Brooks Instrument celebrates 75 years of innovation in fluid measurement and control
Founded in 1946, Brooks Instrument is the world leader in advanced flow, pressure and steam regulation solutions across industries such as Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Optical Fibers, Thin Layer Deposition, Solar Panels, LEDs, Alternative Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemistry and Petrochemistry.

Industrial chemist Stephen Brooks started the Brooks Rotameter Company in 1946 in a small suburb near Philadelphia. Mr. Brooks proposed a new design for industrial rotameters, particularly resistant, accurate and reliable, which formed the foundation for the growth of the company during the post-World War II boom.

“From the very beginning, the company’s DNA has been based on a tireless commitment to tackle challenges and deliver better results, helping customers transform the way they measure and control their essential processes,” explains General Manager, Eric Pipal. .

The main reason for the company’s success is to be found in the talent of the people who work there, according to Eric Pipal:

“We have been fortunate in these 75 years to have fantastic people who listen carefully to customers, understand their fluid measurement and control needs and apply their experience to customer applications.”

The passion in finding the best solution for customers has grown to become a corporate culture, thanks to the numerous employees who have worked there for several decades.

“Our engineering development team, site and field sales engineers keep Brooks Instrument on the cutting edge and provide the highest level of technical support,” said Steve Kannengieszer, Global Director of Marketing, with more than 30 years of service. “As a result, customers trust Brooks Instrument to deliver better and better solutions year after year.”

“We appreciate their scope controllers, support and dedication that have accompanied our growth over the years,” said Kenneth Clapp, Senior Global Product Manager at Cytiva (formerly GE Healthcare Life Sciences).

The electronic field, however, is only one of the many evolving sectors, as are biotechnologies, clean energy, medical instrumentation. Global changes such as advances in the medical field, the development of vaccines, the increase in the average age of the population, an increased attention to climate change, are bringing new challenges and opportunities to our customers.

“We are excited by the challenges these trends pose to us,” Pipal concludes, “with our cutting-edge technologies and technical capabilities, Brooks Instrument is able, as never before, to help customers cope with the difficulties the future may bring.”

Today the company is headquartered in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, with factories and offices in several countries, and currently has the largest number of mass thermal controllers installed in the world.

To commemorate the 75th anniversary, and quickly retrace its history, the company has created a dedicated web page:

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