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Bonfiglioli’s solutions and processes for the food & beverages industry

Bonfiglioli can boasts decades of experience in the development of customized and green solutions for the most complex applications, and solid expertise in the processing and production of food and beverages.

In the food & beverage sector, the company offers a wide range of solutions for all types of applications.

The company is specialized in the development of typical food & beverage processing applications. Some of the largest and most advanced applications and production lines in the world are driven by at least one Bonfiglioli solution: gearboxes, gearmotors or inverters.

Bonfiglioli’s solutions for all the phases of the process

Handling of raw materials. The company offers a wide range of feeding, washing and sorting systems, as well as transporters.

These products are able to satisfy any customer need in terms of dynamics, space and efficiency, regardless of the type of machine used for the first part of the handling process.

Crushing. The crushing phase is crucial for the treatment of fruit and beverages. Bonfiglioli offers gearmotors specially designed to ensure continuous, smooth and efficient operation of the crushing systems.

Blending. Bonfiglioli solutions are suitable for mixing both solids and liquids. Mixing applications involve a demanding duty cycle.

To ensure a continuous process, the degree of reliability of the components must be very high. To achieve this, the company’s solutions feature special seals, surface protection and bearings.

Pressing line. During pressing, the materials are slowly compressed to remove excess water, thus requiring high speed control.

The modularity of Bonfiglioli products allows customers to set the correct extraction speed, based on each individual application requirement.

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