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The Lean & Digital Transformation project

The values ​​of Ingranaggi Moreali have allowed the company to become a market leader and to find itself today in a phase of strong expansion: satisfying the needs of the market, with attention to customer service, punctuality and quality of the product.

To consolidate this growth, Moreali aims to become a Lean World Class® player over the next five years. To achieve such an ambitious goal, Moreali has launched a challenging Lean & Digital Transformation project.

In this, the company will be accompanied by two exceptional partners: Bonfiglioli Consulting, a leading consulting company, alongside companies to support growth and affirmation on global markets  since 1973, and Digibelt, an innovative start-up for the manufacturing industry of the Bonfiglioli Consulting ecosystem.

The objectives of the project

The project implies an evolution of the business culture and organization and is aimed at supporting the company in the search for maximum operational efficiency. In fact, through a program of progressive digitization of the entire factory, the company will be able to collect all the data generated and transform them into Key Performance Indicators in real time.

Through training programs for workers, the company aims at the dissemination of the mindset oriented towards continuous improvement, the search for quality, new skills acquired in terms of Lean methods and tools, but also soft skills such as leadership and team management.

The application of the project from the current pilot department to the entire factory will have a strong impact, with measurable effects mainly on two fronts:

  • Quality, already a strong point of the company, which will grow further thanks to an approach of continuous improvement. This will have an impact on the reduction of costs and times, which will translate into better customer service; 
  • Efficiency, through the careful and continuous search for continuous improvement, made possible by the widespread collection of data, which will lead everyone to identify and eliminate losses and inefficiencies;

The purpose of the company

Ultimately, Moreali will equip itself with a modern digital structure capable of maximizing the potential of the factory and meeting, if not exceeding, customer expectations.

Furthermore, the company will equip itself with an advanced organizational infrastructure, capable of enhancing technical and relational skills, which will make the company competitive and resilient in front of the continuous challenges of the 4.0 economy.

For further information, visit the new website of Ingranaggi Moreali!

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