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CAP IT: pioneering green building in technology solutions

CAP IT, an important international player in temperature measurement and control technology, has steadily expanded its horizons beyond its roots in the motor industry.

Leveraging its rich expertise, the company has ventured into crafting versatile electric blankets tailored to meet diverse customer needs, both in small and large scales. These innovative solutions are adept at heating and sustaining optimal temperatures for industrial materials and semi-finished products, catering to both industrial processes and civil applications.

The company not only excels in personalized product offerings but also boasts a line of standardized solutions designed for industrial containers, IBCs, and light drums. These products are engineered for user convenience and durability, effectively withstanding the rigors of production environments.

The commitment to green sustainability

However, beyond its technological prowess and product excellence, CAP IT stands out for its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has ingrained a deep sensitivity towards ecological preservation, consistently seeking inventive approaches in renewable energy and energy-efficient systems. This commitment is reflected in CAP IT’s internal operations as well.

Eschewing conventional gas heating methods, CAP IT has adopted an electric heating system utilizing diffused radiation to warm its premises. This choice demonstrates a firm dedication to reducing carbon footprints and minimizing environmental impact. But the company’s dedication to sustainability doesn’t stop at its own doorstep.

CAP IT has forged strategic partnerships with specialized firms in the green building sector. It positions itself as a valuable collaborator in advocating for environmentally friendly practices, extending from the supply of eco-conscious materials to the implementation of heating, insulation, and comfort solutions that prioritize environmental well-being. 

Moreover, the company actively engages in the installation of cutting-edge technologies such as photovoltaic systems, cogeneration, and other renewable energy solutions.

By aligning itself with green building initiatives, CAP IT transcends its role as a technology provider, emerging as an advocate and influencer in promoting sustainable practices within its industry.

The company’s dedication to eco-sustainability permeates every facet of its operations, illustrating a holistic approach toward a greener future.

For more insights into CAP IT’s innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, visit their website.

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