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Tradition and innovation in Cattini & figlio production of cylindrical gears

Cattini & figlio has been producing quality gears for seventy years, thus establishing itself over time as the largest independent Italian manufacturer.

In addition to traditional applications, Cattini has gained significant experience in manufacturing complex gears for innovative transmissions such as CVTs for high-end caterpillar tractors, the world’s first dual clutch transmission for heavy trucks, and high power density solutions in compact design for large construction machinery.

All proven options for increasing power density are available, such as grinding superfinishing, isotropic superfinishing, shot peening and phosphating.

Almost all production is lapped with the most advanced gear grinding technology while other options are subjected to evaluation, especially for gears with insufficient gap to be finished with a grinding wheel.

With the opening of a new office in North America, Cattini & figlio is a constantly evolving reality. Discover Cattini’s range of products by visiting the website.

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