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Steel and modular building: the future of the sector?

Modular building is arousing growing interest, as it makes it possible to realize tailor-made solutions with higher energy efficiency level than traditional buildings.
In addition, the materials available to customers and designers for the construction of prefabricated houses are increasing. In fact, steel is combined with wood and masonry.

Anti-seismic safety

And it is precisely steel that is able to guarantee resistance, lightness and flexibility at the same time. These qualities favor the best possible response of the building to seismic phenomena.
Contrary to reinforced concrete houses, prefabricated steel houses do not report damage as a result of earthquakes, guaranteeing total anti-seismic safety, thanks to a structure, in itself, with zero degradation.

Personalization and sustainability

In addition, modular building in steel is synonymous with customization. In fact, it allows you to configure the building according to the customer’s needs. This aspect has a significant impact not only on construction costs, but also on savings in bills, linked to high standards of energy efficiency.

Fast construction and energy saving

The construction system represents a further advantage of modular building. Speed and precision are the watchwords. The components are produced in the factory, while assembly takes place on site. The latter is carried out by inserting it in new generation casings, with dry systems, which guarantee very high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Costs and prospects

And the cost of modular building in steel is comparable to that of prefabricated houses made of wood and concrete. For turnkey prices we start from a figure of 1200 euros per square meters. Value that obviously changes according to the type of project.

Will there be a spread of modular building in steel? And will the easy combination between home automation and sustainability make modular building the future of construction?

Source: Idealista

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