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Cattini & Figlio expands in India: investing in Pune facility

In 2019, Cattini & Figlio established one of its branches in India, named Cattini Power Transmission Pvt Ltd, as an international base on Indian territory.

The mission of the new branch is to be the center of excellence for manual transmission systems worldwide, providing customers with a wide range of excellent synchronizers for agriculture, construction vehicle and trucking segments.

Cattini India to invest 20cr in Pune facility

Cattini & Figlio continues its expansion in the Asian continent: the company will invest 20cr in its Indian branch over the next five years.

The production facility is expected to commence operations in January 2024 and represents a significant step in Cattini’s growth strategy to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The company plans to significantly strengthen its presence on the continent, especially in terms of exports.

Cattini, an Italian company, has been manufacturing mechanical components and power transmission systems since 1954.

After 60 years of endless evolution, the company has become an indisputable player worldwide, able to serve discerning and demanding customers in the industry.

Among its customers Cattini enrolls all major agricultural tractor manufacturers worldwide and the majority of manufacturers of commercial vehicles, construction equipment and drivelines. Almost all vehicle’s transmission requirements can be covered today by its manufacturing program.

Visit the Cattini website to learn more!

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