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Maximizing efficiency and safety: the VEGADIF 85 and the water treatment optimization

Until recently, the filtration system of a massive Class IV municipal water treatment plant in the Midwestern United States, serving a major metropolitan area, faced challenges in obtaining precise flow measurements at a valve station

This was a crucial issue considering the plant’s significant size and workload, where it treats an average of 40 to 45 million gallons of water daily. Automating processes throughout the facility has become essential due to the immense volume of work involved.

The problem

When faced with breakdowns in their valve station application, the Class IV municipal water treatment plant in the Midwestern United States relied on differential pressure transmitters to measure flow

These transmitters communicated flow measurements to a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which determined when valves should open or close based on the measured flow rate. However, the plant encountered a problem: the specific differential pressure transmitter they were using proved to be inaccurate

The measurements it provided fluctuated, leading to issues with proper valve timing and eventually causing deterioration of the system and its components. Consequently, the plant experienced longer maintenance times, reduced efficiency, and increased costs associated with replacing not only the faulty pressure transmitters but also other components in the filtration system.

Previously, the plant had exclusively used one brand of pressure transmitter, simply replacing failed units with new ones from the same manufacturer. However, due to the mounting costs of maintenance and replacement parts, the plant decided to reassess its reliance on this particular manufacturer and began exploring alternative solutions.

The solution: VEGADIF 85

The Class IV municipal water treatment plant, in their search for a reliable process measurement solution, eventually discovered VEGA

Although unfamiliar with the company, plant leadership was intrigued by VEGA’s range of measurement solutions. Upon contacting the company and explaining the issues with their valve station, the representatives visited the plant to meet with the operators and explore potential solutions firsthand

By the end of the session, the plant found a trusted partner in VEGA and decided to replace their problematic sensors with the VEGADIF 85, a new differential pressure transmitter.

Several factors influenced the plant’s decision to choose VEGA. Firstly, the on-site application review provided excellent support and included a hands-on demonstration, which proved highly beneficial

Secondly, VEGA demonstrated a clear understanding of the plant’s specific application and how differential pressure instrumentation played a role. Lastly, the VEGADIF 85 itself impressed plant personnel with its simplicity and ease of use during the hands-on demonstration, solidifying their decision to collaborate with VEGA.

The VEGA difference in differential pressure

Since implementing the VEGADIF 85 as their differential pressure transmitter, the water treatment plant has experienced significant improvements in efficiency. The precise and reliable measurements provided by the VEGADIF 85 have resulted in cost and time savings for maintenance activities, allowing the plant to allocate resources to other important tasks. 

Maintenance time encompasses not only physical installations but also includes discussions in meetings and researching solutions for various issues. Additionally, the plant’s efficiency has been enhanced by VEGA’s responsive customer support, providing timely responses and solutions.

Moreover, the increased efficiency achieved through VEGADIF 85’s reliable process automation has contributed to enhance safety at the plant. Some installations are situated in challenging areas, and by relying on the VEGADIF 85, workers are not required to visit these locations as frequently, reducing potential risks.

Process automation grants water treatment plants the necessary time to address other critical aspects throughout their facilities. Therefore, selecting dependable instrumentation is crucial. That is precisely why this plant opted for the VEGADIF 85, recognizing its reliability and value.

Visit the VEGA website to learn more!

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