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Home Industrial Automation VEGA ITALIA S.r.l.

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Home Industrial Automation VEGA ITALIA S.r.l.


VEGA, a German company of which VEGA Italia is a subsidiary, specializes in level and pressure measurement for liquids and solids in all industrial sectors. The instruments are based on the principles of radar, guided microwave, ultrasonic, capacitive, conductive, vibration. For many years it has been dedicated to researching the best solutions in the field of non-contact radar measurement. The efforts made in this direction have given excellent results: VEGA radar sensors are distinguished by their resistance to extreme conditions - vacuum pressures up to 160 bar - temperatures from –40 ° C to + 400 ° C. VEGA is present in about 80 countries with its own technical teams.

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    Home Industrial Automation VEGA ITALIA S.r.l.

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