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VEGAPULS 42: elevating factory automation with radar level sensing

Radar level sensing has emerged as a dominant player in the realm of factory automation. VEGA, an esteemed instrumentation manufacturer, has harnessed its decades of experience to create a compact sensor that aligns seamlessly with the demands of modern industry.

The VEGAPULS 42 sensor is not only compact but also excels in providing precise level data for small tanks and batch filling processes.

This radar sensor proves to be a game-changer, particularly in sectors requiring stringent hygiene standards, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. It boasts several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Switching Frequency: The sensor’s impressive switching frequency facilitates quicker cycle rates and, in turn, rapid level adjustments;
  • Flexible Connection Options: VEGAPULS 42 offers diverse process connection choices, ranging from standard threads to 1-inch universal connections for hygienic adapter systems;

So, what are the tangible benefits that VEGAPULS 42 brings to the table?

Whether it’s sporting a 360° status display on-site or housed within a robust metal enclosure, VEGAPULS 42 seamlessly integrates radar level measurement into factory automation. The core of efficient plant operations and precise production control lies in achieving successful outcomes, especially in industries like food and pharmaceuticals. 

Here, the utmost reliance on accurate measurements is pivotal, and VEGAPULS 42 delivers precisely that through its non-contact radar measurement technology. Moreover, it enhances productivity optimization with a slew of innovative features:

Universal Communication: In its 3-wire configuration, VEGAPULS 42 communicates effectively through IO-Link, simplifying wiring and cost considerations.

Effortless Parameter Transfer: With the second-generation Smart Sensor profile, previously configured parameters seamlessly migrate to the new instrument, simplifying setup.

User-Friendly Control: The VEGA Tools app enables convenient sensor control and adjustment via Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to manage it conveniently using a smartphone.

This continuous radar level sensor has been custom-tailored to cater to the specific demands of hygienic applications.

Ever wondered if your manufacturing process is running smoothly, even from a distance?

Well, it’s the vibrant multi-colored illuminated ring adorning the sensor that makes this possible. This illuminated ring significantly enhances the sensor’s visibility and process status visualization, thereby boosting operational safety.

Visit the VEGA website to learn more!!

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