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Radar sensors safeguarding Indonesia’s coastlines

Indonesia’s breathtaking islands, while paradisiacal, face challenges from the unpredictable Indian Ocean. To address threats like high tides and flooding, 80 VEGAPULS C 23 radar sensors are deployed for precise tide level monitoring.

These sensors, integrated into a national tide information system, offer real-time data accessible online. Beyond aiding navigation and hydrography, the information is vital for tidal forecasting, flood protection, earth surface mapping, satellite alignment, and monitoring weather phenomena.

The VEGAPULS C 23: wired radar sensor for continuous level measurement

The VEGAPULS C 23 radar sensor stands out as an ideal solution for non-contact level measurement in applications where a high degree of protection is crucial. 

This sensor is specifically well-suited for use in various scenarios, such as water treatment, pumping stations, rain overflow basins, open channels for flow measurement, and level monitoring. It also finds application in bulk solids, proving effective in medium-sized silos, segmented vessels, and open heaps.


Key Features of VEGAPULS C 23:

Axial Cable Outlet: The sensor is equipped with an axial cable outlet, enhancing its ease of installation and making it adaptable to different setups.

Measuring range up to 30m: with an impressive measuring range of up to 30 meters, the VEGAPULS C 23 ensures accurate measurements even in larger vessels or storage facilities.

Accuracy of ±2mm: precision is a hallmark of the VEGAPULS C 23, boasting an accuracy of ±2mm. This level of precision is crucial for applications where exact measurements are imperative.

Multiple output options: the sensor offers versatile output options, including 4 … 20 mA, HART, SDI-12, or Modbus, providing compatibility with various process control systems.

Explosion protection approval: for environments with potentially explosive atmospheres, the VEGAPULS C 23 comes with Ex-approval, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.

Challenges of seawater environment

Designed to meet the unique challenges of a marine environment, the radar sensors boast an IP66/IP68 protection class, making them resilient against strong winds, constant vibrations, and salty sea spray.

Incorporating VEGAPULS C 23 radar sensors enhances Indonesia’s ability to monitor and respond to water level variations, safeguarding against environmental threats. This innovative technology not only benefits the local population but also contributes valuable data to scientific research and weather forecasting efforts.

Visit the VEGA website to learn more!

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