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Mexico and Kuwait update agreement based on agritech and sustainability

Food security and scientific and technical collaboration are the two cornerstones of the expanding bilateral cooperation agreement between Mexico and Kuwait.
The update of this agreement, arranged by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Mexico (SADER) with the Embassy of Kuwait, aims to enhance technological exchange and dialogue on public policies related to food safety, logistics and trade, and health certifications

Mexico and Kuwait working toward green agriculture

The sharing of science-based solutions between Mexico and Kuwait in the agribusiness sector is also imperative to promote sustainable agricultural and livestock production, to support actions against climate change and in support of drylands, and to meet consumer needs, who are increasingly attentive to the quality, safety, and information transparency of agri-food products.   

With this in mind, the collaboration between Mexico and Kuwait is intended to plan strategic technologies and methodologies in fields such as soil recovery, water management, and respectful use of biodiversity.
The ministry’s efforts are supported by the work of companies that are committed to increasing both soil efficiency and soil health, integrating tradition and technology to promote sustainable and safe production. 

Further collaboration potentials

The agreement between Mexico and Kuwait will also encourage the exchange of observations and solutions between researchers and producers at industry fairs and exhibitions. And it will promote business meetings between Kuwaiti food importers or investors and Mexican producers. 


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