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Smart Protections’ “TUFT” antistatic hoses: innovation for the textile industry

In the panorama of special products offered by Smart Protections, “TUFT” antistatic hoses are an excellent demonstration of how innovation can significantly improve operations in textile industries.

These hoses combine outstanding antistatic properties with incredible friction resistance, offering a versatile and reliable solution for a range of specific applications.

Versatile applications in the textile industry

“TUFT” Tubes play an essential role in transporting threads in production processes. These tubes guide threads from the cantra to the loom, contributing to the creation of high-quality technical textiles.


They are particularly suitable for applications such as the production of carpets, bath and kitchen mats, doormats, and artificial grass. Their versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of needs in the industry.

“TUFT” Tubes are available in standard sizes, which include 6×8, 8×10 and 10×12, and are supplied in natural color. 

These standard sizes are designed to fit a variety of common applications. However, Smart Protections can offer customized solutions to meet customers’ specific needs. 

For more details on “TUFT” Antistatic Tubes and to discuss how these products can improve your textile operations, please contact our sales office. 

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