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Mexico’s population growth dictates the spread of Agriculture 4.0

The demographic outlook attracts the attention of agrotechnical specialists. By 2050 Mexico will have a population close to 150 million, a forecast that makes the transition to Agriculture 4.0 necessary. 

To meet this crucial challenge for the nation, the agrotechnical sector must move towards 4.0 solutions. Artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, automation, drones, and integrated logistics will be crucial to increase agricultural production by 50.70 percent, the amount needed to feed 150 million citizens.
The described path has already been set in motion by a number of companies committed both to boosting land yields and to monitoring and managing crops more with greater efficiency and quality, reducing the use of fertilizers.

The goal of food security can only be achieved through the full democratization of technologies among producers. A mission that not only involves sharing tools and applications but also techniques and knowledge. Staff training, in particular, is a key step to fully embrace the potential of Agriculture 4.0.

The strengthening of the agrotechnical sector will benefit the entire Mexican economy in a broader sense. The country currently ranks 12th in food production, is the seventh largest exporter, and the third largest food industry on the American continent. Mexican agricultural products, in demand in 164 countries around the world, have a potential market of 1,353 million consumers. A figure that represents a real springboard for the experimentation and the spread of Agriculture 4.0. 


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