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VEGA sensors: streamlining processes in plastic flooring production

In the realm of the manufacturing industry, precision and reliability in processes are key elements for a company’s success. The production of plastic flooring involves a complex series of operations, from the initial stages of preparing raw materials to creating custom-colored mixtures.

One of the major obstacles the companies in the field faces is the need to maintain high standards of cleanliness and quality throughout the production process. Even the slightest contamination can compromise the quality of the final product. For this reason, every step of the process must be carefully monitored and controlled.

A fundamental element in optimizing these processes is the use of VEGA sensors.

These measuring instruments offer a reliable and precise solution for monitoring various critical aspects of plastic flooring production.

One of the main areas where VEGA sensors are employed is in controlling the levels of materials and liquids within the plants. VEGAPULS radar sensors provide accurate measurement of the levels of sand or gravel within the numerous storage silos. This allows for efficient inventory management and prevents production disruptions due to material shortages.

Furthermore, VEGAWAVE S61 vibration level switches are used to monitor the liquids required for production and to ensure they are properly dosed during the mixing process. This technology proves particularly effective even in the most challenging conditions, such as when liquids need to be fed into mixers under vacuum conditions.

The adoption of VEGA radar sensors has proven particularly advantageous. Thanks to constant monitoring of material and liquid levels, the company has the opportunity to optimize its inventory and make purchases at the most convenient time. This strategy helps save on material costs and maintains tighter control over production processes.

Moreover, the use of VEGA sensors has helped streamline the entire production process, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring greater consistency in the quality of the final product. This translates into a significant competitive advantage for Quartzline in the plastic flooring market.

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