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VEGABAR, for an accurate process pressure measurement

Pressure transducers detect pressure on liquids, gasses and vapors in closed pipes or tanks. The pressure of the product to be measured acts on a measuring cell that converts it into an electronic signal. 

Process pressure transducers are particularly suitable for the detection of relative or absolute pressure in applications with condensation formation or rapid thermal fluctuations

In this context, the advantages of VEGABAR are many:

  • Pressure transducers control a very wide measuring range: from vacuum to very high pressures; 
  • High operational safety thanks to integrated self-monitoring;
  • High overload resistance, zero drift stability and thermal shock compensation of dry ceramic capacitive measuring cell;

The VEGABAR range consists of several products, which have different characteristics. 

The VEGABAR 81 is a pressure transmitter with chemical seal. It’s characterized by a reliable measurement of highly corrosive and hot media. It can be combined with any other sensor series 80 for electronic differential pressure measurement.

The chemical seal systems of the instrument adapted to the process, ensure a reliable measurement even with highly corrosive and hot products.

For example, the VEGABAR 82 is a pressure transmitter with ceramic measuring cell. It can be used universally for the measurement of gases, vapors and liquids. Substances such as sand can be handled easily thanks to the abrasion-resistant ceramic measuring cell.

The instrument offers maximum reliability and it can be used in all industries. The simple connection of VEGABAR series 80 sensors as electronic differential pressure opens new possibilities for the measurement of differential pressures.

The VEGABAR 83 is a pressure transmitter with metallic measuring cell. Contrary to the previous model, this model is designed for applications with high pressures. It’s characterized by maximum dependability and safety through proven technology and reliability through vacuum resistant version. The VEGABAR 83 is of universal use due to welded measuring cell.

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