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One for everything: VEGAPULS 6X, the new radar level sensor

VEGAPULS 6X is the radar sensor that makes no difference between liquids or bulk solids

The VEGAPULS 6X sensor is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, regardless of the characteristics of the products involved, including solids, liquids, hot, cold or aggressive materials. 

Your level measurement needs can be easily met by adapting our latest generation radar level sensor to your specific requirements.

Technology is always an expression of the abilities of the people who develop it

The VEGAPULS 6X radar level sensor has been developed with more than 2100 dedicated employees and more than 60 years of experience in measuring technology. It represents an expression of VEGA’s core values.

The instrument is equipped with a radar chip that contains all the experience of 30 years of radar measurement technology. It is the heart of the sensor, the pulsating center that meets expectations in terms of accuracy and reliability

Its main feature is its ongoing self-diagnosis capability, which makes it possible to continuously monitor the accuracy and performance of the sensor.

Three fundamental values: precision, safety, simplicity

At first glance, the radar sensor does not reveal what it hides inside:  a very high precision level measurement technique, which makes no difference between liquids and bulk solids.

The VEGAPULS 6X radar sensor combines the best of previous sensors from the range, such as VEGAPULS 64 and VEGAPULS 69, in one instrument. 

Visit the VEGA website to learn more!

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