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The commitment of Ingranaggi Moreali for the protection of the environment

Nature plays a fundamental role in the health and well-being of individuals. To protect the environment, the European Union has undertaken to prevent all forms of damage, and to require company managers to respect certain parameters. 

For this reason, since 2004, with a dedicated directive, all operators carrying out an activity that involves an environmental risk are encouraged to evaluate it carefully, taking measures where necessary.

Over the years, Moreali has been committed to reducing the production processes that are dangerous for the environment more and more.

Moreali’s solutions for the environment

Ingranaggi Moreali offers various solutions for respecting the environment. Moreali introduces new suction systems, latest generation devices designed for environmental monitoring of aeration systems with consequent reduction of fine dust, fumes and gasses.

The company, through the new suction systems, constantly monitors the harmful substances that damage the air and tries to optimize their emission on a daily basis.

Moreali is committed to reducing the use of fossil fuels. Over the past twenty years, fossil fuels have been the main culprits for the increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere, directly responsible for the greenhouse effect.

Moreali, with the desire to improve environmental and atmospheric conditions, installed a photovoltaic system in 2017, avoiding the emission of 882.92 tons of CO2 to date.

Another step towards respecting the environment was the digitization of all documentation.

With the digitization of documents using specific software, in addition to optimizing and speeding up every action, Moreali has significantly reduced the costs and excessive consumption of stationery, paper, printing devices and shipping by post and couriers. 

The company’s latest solution concerns the reduction of oil systems, replaced with dry technology systems.

Oil plants produce complex atmospheric emissions: in addition to the presence of the pollutants characteristic of conventional combustion, there are oxidized forms of organic or inorganic substances already present in the waste. 

Moreali, to reduce production, has implemented systems with dry technology, which minimize the use of materials and the contribution of energy during the construction process, and thus make it possible to optimize economic and energy resources.

To learn more, visit the new website of Ingranaggi Moreali!

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