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Thermoplastic polyurethane tubes by Smart Protections®

Smart Protections® srl was born from a long tradition of experience in the field of extrusion of pneumatic tubes and protections for hydraulic tubes. To find out more about the company click here!

Smart Protections® has an extremely flexible hose with excellent elastic capacity even at low temperatures in PUR (thermoplastic polyurethane).

What are the main characteristics of Smart Protections® polyurethane tubes?

•  good chemical, abrasion and aging resistance;

•  operating temperature from – 40 ° C to + 60 ° C;

•  possibility of different hardnesses and colors also transparent;

•  available in various degrees of flexibility;

•  available for use in humid environments and in contact with water, resistant to attack by bacteria;

•  thanks to its softness it is possible to supply spirals with or without fitting;

•  much lighter;

What are the main fields of application of PUR?

  • pneumatics;
  • control instruments;
  • pressure measurement;
  • robotics;
  • agriculture;
  • protection of cables;
  • transport of powders and granules;

To find out more about the leading products of Smart Protections®, do not hesitate to write us, our technicians are at your disposal.

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