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Innovation in cylindrical gears: revolutionizing transmission technology

In the realm of gear manufacturing, Cattini & Figlio has transcended conventional boundaries, harnessing expertise to craft intricate gears for cutting-edge transmissions. While honoring tradition, the company has embraced a pioneering spirit, delving into the creation of complex gears tailored for innovative transmissions. 

These transmissions span a wide spectrum, from heavy-duty CVTs empowering high-end agricultural tractors to groundbreaking dual clutch systems designed specifically for heavy trucks. Moreover, Cattini has engineered high-power-density solutions, ingeniously compacted to serve the needs of large construction machinery.

At the heart of their success lies a commitment to enhancing power density, offering an array of proven techniques such as grinding superfinishing, isotropic finishing, shot peening, and phosphating. These methods optimize performance, ensuring efficiency and reliability in each gear manufactured.

Cattini’s prowess extends beyond mere gears production

They’ve established an in-house state-of-the-art press quenching/plug quenching heat treatment, strategically designed to minimize the inevitable distortions that can arise during the creation of such precision items. Collaborating with excellent partners, the company delegates less critical treatments, entrusting carburizing, induction hardening, and intriding to these trusted associates.

The production process for cylindrical gears is a testament to Cattini’s dedication to excellence. Employing the most advanced gear grinding technology, nearly the entire production of these gears undergoes a hard finish, ensuring unparalleled precision and performance.

Yet, the company remains committed to evolution, continuously evaluating alternative methods, particularly for gears with restricted clearances that pose challenges for traditional grinding wheel finishes.

In summary, Cattini’s pursuit of innovation within cylindrical gears not only demonstrates their technical prowess but also their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in transmission technology. Their multifaceted approach, combining traditional expertise with cutting-edge methodologies, solidifies their position as pioneers in the field, continuously driving the industry towards new frontiers of performance and efficiency.

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