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It was established by Mr. Pierino Cattini in 1951 firstly as a sole proprietorship company and then incorporated under the actual form as a limited liability company in 1954: it has always been a gear manufacturing company to the vehicle industry from the very beginning.

After 60 years of endless evolution, the company has become an indisputable player worldwide, able to serve discerning and demanding customers in the industry.
Among its customers Cattini enroll all major agricultural tractor manufacturers worldwide and the majority of manufacturers of commercial vehicles, construction equipment and drivelines. Almost all vehicle’s transmission requirements can be covered today by its manufacturing program.


Innovation in cylindrical gears: revolutionizing transmission technology

In the realm of gear manufacturing, Cattini & Figlio has transcended conventional boundaries, harnessing expertise to craft intricate gears for cutting-edge transmissions. While honoring tradition, the company has embraced a pioneering spirit, delving into the creation of complex gears tailored for innovative transmissions.  These transmissions span a wide spectrum, from...