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Quality and environmental protection as fundamental values of Cattini & Figlio

The vision of Cattini & Figlio Srl foresees that customers will need and require more and more support from their suppliers to continuously develop better global solutions for the future.

In this sense, one of the values ​​that permeates the spirit of Cattini & Figlio is the quality of the products, which characterizes every activity and every employer in the company.

It is the guideline that guides the organization towards the ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining excellent performances in global markets. This leads to the complete satisfaction of customers, as well as of every member of the company staff, through an application of the Continuous Improvement philosophy.

The founding values of Cattini & Figlio

The foundations of the business management system of Cattini & Figlio are formed by well distinct values:

  • The adaptation of products and services to the explicit and implicit expectations of the customer
  • The safety of anyone who works for the company
  • The care of the environment and the territory in which they operate;
  • The maximum respect that the organization can guarantee to all customers, suppliers and employees;

Cattini & Son was certified for the first time according to the US automotive standard QS 9000 in 2003; in 2009 Cattini followed the evolution to the world automotive standard ISO / TS 16949 and, finally, to the IATF 16949, which it has held since February 2018. The company also holds an ISO 14001 environmental management system certification since 2013 and is preparing the ISO 45001 by 2022.

Cattini is also proud to carry out a management model to prevent offenses recognized by Italian law (Legislative Decree 231/2008) and represents a further step to demonstrate its uncompromising approach to ethics and legality.

An independent supervisory board checks the company’s management model and procedures to ensure compliance with this standard between 2 and 4 times a year. This represents the best guarantee for customers and shareholders about the correctness with which the family has always managed the company.

To download our Quality and Environmental Policy please click here.

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