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Discover Cattini’s gear shifting systems!

By introducing the gear shifting systems range to our manufacturing program, Cattini & Figlio unequivocally solidifies its position as a prominent manufacturer and a trusted worldwide partner for all power transmission requirements.

The manual range encompasses various types of synchronizers, offered in standard sizes widely recognized in the industry, and equipped with a wide range of friction materials to cater to both light and heavy-duty applications.

Cattini primarily supplies synchronizers to the agricultural tractor and construction machinery sectors. However, they are also utilized in 4×4 light vehicles and commercial vehicles.

The power shift range comprises gear assemblies and wet clutch disc carriers designed to facilitate seamless shifting, particularly in off-highway vehicles.

This capability ensures steady vehicle performance even in challenging driving conditions. Cattini excels in electron beam welding and employs meticulous final gear finishing processes, guaranteeing customers precision, reliability, and extended equipment lifespan with trouble-free operation.

Visit the Cattini website to learn more about the company’s products!

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