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The rise of clean hydrogen in the United States: GLCH formalizes funding application

The Great Lakes Clean Hydrogen Hub coalition (GLCH) has submitted a full application for federal funding to support an $8 billion U.S. Department of Energy program to promote the creation of regional clean hydrogen hubs.

The scope of the application

The application focuses on the design of a clean hydrogen hub serving Ohio, Michigan and other locations in Pennsylvania and Indiana. The hub, worth about $2 billion, will employ carbon-free nuclear power to produce hydrogen at competitive costs.
Commercial feasibility and the use of proven production technologies will enable the hub to reach full production – more than 100 metric tons of hydrogen per day – in a short time.

Coalition advocates

Among the major proponents of the project, as well as members of the GLCH coalition, stands out the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council (GMIC), the trade association representing the interests of U.S. glass producers.
The consortium, led by Linde (a leading global industrial gases and engineering company) as the main applicant, also involves Energy Harbor, Cleveland-Cliffs, GE Aerospace, and the University of Toledo. And it includes numerous companies engaged in workable projects to replace fossil fuels with clean hydrogen.

A shared goal

GLCH’s project benefits from collaboration with the states of Ohio and Michigan, technology developers, academic institutions, state and regional laboratories and organizations, and hydrogen consumers. The unity of purpose is confirmed by GLCH’s funding application, which includes letters of support from institutions, labor unions, community and economic development organizations, and officials from different government agencies.


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