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New European regulations for packaging

Following new European regulations to eliminate as much plastic as possible from packaging, we know that the goal by 2040 is to reduce plastic waste by 15 percent per nation. 

No matter how much the statements of some politicians caused a stir, it seems that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainability: apart from the increased interest in reuse and returnable packaging, over the past year 65% of Italian households bought a product because it had sustainable packaging and 19% stopped buying one because the packaging was not considered sustainable.

Such choices certainly have an impact on logistics as well, a reason why Vuototecnica, which has always been attentive to trends and sustainability, has come up with a special application of Octopus vacuum system, equipped with PH series gripping plates, for gripping empty and open jars made of glass and other materials. 

The void in the jars might make it difficult to operate with other devices, but with Octopus, reliability is assured. To learn more, you can contact Vuototecnica designers at

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