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The new agreement of Cattini & Figlio and FIOM-CGIL

Cattini & Figlio and FIOM-CGIL signed a second level agreement for the renewal of the performance bonus.

Continuous improvement, also in the context of relations with its employees and with trade unions, is a fundamental objective: for this reason the company started a table with Fiom-CGIL for the renewal of the second level agreement that regulates the disbursement of the performance bonus.

After a short but intense negotiation, an agreement was signed that will allow employees to face the next three years in the awareness that the achievement of the objectives will also bring with it an important economic recognition

The history of the company is permeated with ambition, determination, innovation and integrity. Human capital is always at the center of a company’s success, and Cattini & Figlio has been actively involved in cultivating its human resources for 70 years. 

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