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Discover the range of cylindrical gears of Cattini & Figlio

Established by Pierino Cattini in 1951, Cattini & Figlio acquired a significant experience in manufacturing complex gears for innovative transmissions.

The company deals with the production of heavy duty CVTs for high-end ag tractors, world’s first dual clutch transmission for heavy trucks, high power density solutions in compact design for large construction machinery. All proven options to increase power density – like grinding superfinishing, isotropic finishing, shot peening and phosphating – are available.

An in-house state-of-the-art press quenching/plug quenching heat treatment is available to minimize the inevitable distorsions on such items while excellent partners perform less critical treatments like carburizing, induction hardening and nitriding.

Almost the entire production of cylindrical gears is hard finished by the most advanced gear grinding technology while other options are under evaluation, especially for gears with insufficient gap to be finished with a grinding wheel.

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