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Vacuum: partner ally in the papermaking sector

During the holiday season, the papermaking sector finds itself with a surplus of work related to packaging production. Vuototecnica, which has always been a partner of companies in the industry, encourages smarter line management with its vacuum solutions. 

As you can see from the video, the forming of boxes for packaging and wrapping is done through tray and folding machines. 

In this case, they are equipped with Vuototecnica’s Maxigrip VRP 50 AB suction cups, capable of handling different types of cardboard with a grip that is both gentle and firm. 

The lip allows them great adaptability: on flat, convex, concave surfaces and even on fragile and soft surfaces. This is because they do not damage objects, even lighter ones such as cardboard.

In addition, Maxigrips can be used for different tasks even on the same production line: in gripping boxes and later in handling tubes of chips with covers made of plastic material. 

They are available in a variety of shapes, compounds, and sizes, including in a bellows version, with a wide range of accessories such as couplings, reducers, joints, and adapters, for installation on any machine or robot that works with vacuum.

To view drawings, contact Vuototecnica designers at

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