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Dialysis project


  1. Capacity 5 lt
  2. Operating temperature 38-40 ° C, rise time 45 minutes
  3. Descent times before HOUR without power supply: 3 ° C; Temperature after 2 HOURS: 35 ° C
  4. Perfect HOMOGENEITY of HEAT
  5. Extremely flexible and easy to handle, washable, easy to carry 6. Textile components and internal circuit completely MADE IN ITALY
  6. Full assistance, 2 years warranty

Technical data

  1. Mains voltage 220 ± 10% Vac 160 Watt
  2. Dimensions 40 x 38 cms
  3. Detector: Type K thermocouple; Regulator: External regulation unit
  4. Total weight 2.00 Kgs
  5. Circuit with double PFA insulation
  6. Materials in contact with the circuit completely FIREPROOF, Outer coating completely WATERPROOF
  7. CE marking

Data sheet

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