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Expand your business globally with B2BIndustry!

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional in the B2B sector, you know how crucial it is to give visibility to your company on an international scale. With the global market constantly evolving, the web is a tool to be exploited to the fullest for companies that want to grow and prosper. That’s where our website comes in, giving you a stepping stone to success.

What does offer?

International Visibility: it is a B2B promotion platform translated into 10 languages that connects companies from all over the world. Thanks to a large global audience, you will gain the exposure you need to access new markets and customers.

The portal currently hosts more than 2,000 companies from all over the world and has over 330,000 views.

Networking: We create a virtual environment where you can connect with companies from every sector. You will find business partners, suppliers and potential customers, all just a click away.

Valuable promotion: You can upload news and detailed information about your company, your products and your services, ensuring that anyone looking for you will find the information they need. A team of technical journalists will support you in drafting your promotional articles and the portal’s extensive linkedin network, with over 1,200 connections, will ensure maximum dissemination of your news.

Continuous Updates: We are constantly up to date with the latest market trends and new technologies. We are committed to constantly improving our platform with news related to the latest trends in the b2b world.

Click here to learn about all the services offered by the annual subscription to the platform and don’t hesitate to request information to immediately start expanding your international business!

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