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Robotics is growing and evolving

The robotics industry is now running at great strides. From data from the International Federation of Robotics, less than two years ago there were half a million (517,385) new robots installed worldwide, with annual growth of about 31 percent. And the numbers show no signs of decreasing.

If in China and Germany, it is automotive that leads in orders; in the United States, metals and the machine tool sector win. 

In Italy, installations increased by more than double (in 2021 we were ranked sixth in the world and second in Europe).

The industrial machinery segment recorded an 82 percent growth rate, but the Food & Beverage sector was also characterized by a growing demand. 

From the reports of the International Federation of Robotics, in the future we are going to increasingly face: 

  • sustainability, for time/spend, environment/economic impact efficient solutions;
  • democratization, with solutions that are simpler in use and cheaper;
  • collaboration between humans and robots;
  • adoption of robotics in many sectors (hospitality, medicine, agriculture, cleaning and logistics);
  • Integration of AI. 

Vuototecnica has been working for years now as an engineering partner of leading robot integrators designing handling and movement solutions through vacuum and is ready to meet all the challenges to come.

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