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Ingranaggi Moreali and the Industriamoci project 2022!

As in 2021, Ingranaggi Moreali participated in the Industriamoci 2022 project!

The project, active since 2010, aims to spread the knowledge of the productive reality of companies and their daily commitment to growth, through a moment of direct experience in the company. The aim is to spread more and more the “Culture of the world of work”.

Every year, the visits involve hundreds of entrepreneurs and thousands of students and teachers of middle schools throughout the country and allow them to see how products and services are born. 

Ingranaggi Moreali renews its availability for the realization of the Industriamoci project, which represents a unique opportunity to tell the company’s story, pride, the values of a company like Moreali, active since the 50s and driven by the passion of the people who are part. 

Moreali aims to create, with its skills and the passion that distinguishes it, products that can improve the complex systems in which they are, using the best technologies available, participating in the economic growth and well-being of society as a whole. 

Projects such as Industriamoci allow Moreali to convey its message and the passion that has always distinguished the company, always attentive to the new generations

Find out more on the Moreali website!

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