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Moreali in search of perfection: customization and self-correcting machinery

For over 70 years, Ingranaggi Moreali has been shaping its customers’ projects starting from their specific needs and thus creating high quality gears that find application in different industrial sectors

Completely resistant and performing, Moreali’s gears are suitable for the agricultural and construction industry, applied to agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery. They adapt to wind turbines and their drives, in the renewable energy sector; to industry and mechanical engineering, creating regular references with and without reduction ratio, industrial applications in various sectors, such as marine and mining; in the electromobility sector, where it offers pumps, hydraulic motors and gearmotors on operating machines in general. Other sectors involved are that of logistics and movement and that of transport and handling of materials. 

Moreali products are made specifically for each customer, with the aim of improving the complex systems in which they are found. This is possible only thanks to the use of the most advanced technology combined with the competence and passion that our team puts into every project.

Self-correcting technology

For Moreali, aiming for perfection is always the goal, even if it is not easy to achieve. The best way to get closer to perfection is therefore to recognize your mistakes and never repeat them.

In this regard, the Moreali team meets every morning for a “Lean meeting“, a moment dedicated to the analysis of the problems encountered the previous days, proposing solutions to solve them. A process that aims at a substantial improvement of the entire industrial chain.

Furthermore, in recent years, Ingranaggi Moreali has invested in new self-correcting machinery, devices capable not only of machining the piece, but also of checking it in search of any defects that are corrected independently by the machine itself.

This, for Moreali, is the road to perfection. 

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