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Glass Bottles and Containers conquer Latin America: a growing market

According to the Latin America Glass Bottles and Containers Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021-2026) report, the region’s glass bottle and container sector was valued at approximately USD 5215.1 million in 2020. A value that should even reach 6731.97 million dollars by 2026, thanks above all to the growth in demand from the beverage industry.

The boost of the beverage sector

The spirits sector is the main driver for the Latin American glass industry; at the same time, however, the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages, such as milk or juice, is growing considerably. In fact, it is expected that this product category will soon conquer an important slice of the bottle and glass container market in the region.

Between modernization and sustainability

The market is further driven by innovations in the field of lightweighting and recycling. This results in a quantitatively higher production and lighter and thinner glass containers.
But it was above all the development of the narrow neck press and blow process that favored a clear reduction in the weight of the bottles, a not inconsiderable detail in trying to win the competition of products that are certainly less sustainable.

The advantages of the Latin American sector

The bottle and glass container sector in Latin America today attracts a growing number of foreign producers, affected not only by a growing market, but also by factors such as: the wealth of natural resources and the increase in consumer spending . In fact, the region saw increases in the cosmetics, sodas and alcoholic beverages sectors (especially beer).

The rise of dairy products

Dairy products are also among the fastest growing markets in Latin America. The prosperity of the sector has helped to shift demand from glass to rigid plastics and metals. However, the use of reusable glass for value-added packaging remains fundamental. In fact, it ensures that the content does not mix with air or chemicals that could alter the flavor or healthiness.


The elegance of glass drags the cosmetic sector

Focusing on the packaging of cosmetics, it is evident how glass gives elegance to luxury products. The aesthetic pleasantness of the packaging is not an indifferent factor in a context in which there is an increase in disposable income and a growth in demand for high quality cosmetics.
The Latin American cosmetics sector is one of the most vibrant and thriving in the world. In the last decade alone, the sale of cosmetic products has increased from 8 to 10% and Brazil has established itself as the main consumer of cosmetic products in the entire region.

glass cosmetics

Towards Glassman Latin America

The dynamism of the Latin American glass bottle and container sector was celebrated at Glassman Latin America, the fair that took place in Monterrey, Mexico, from 11 to 12 May 2022. The event represented a crucial moment of meeting for the hollow glass industry, called to discuss the latest issues affecting the sector throughout the region.

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