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CAP IT and the commitment to green building

CAP IT is an international reference company in the field of technology related to temperature measurement and control

From the experience gained in the motor industry, CAP IT has developed new skills and technologies and is now able to design and manufacture small and large electric blankets with a very high degree of dimensional adaptability according to the customer’s needs. 

The solutions are optimized for heating and maintaining the temperature of any material or semi-finished product intended for industrial processes and civil uses.

In addition to customized products, there is a line of standard products for industrial containers, IBCs and light drums that are easy to use and resistant to daily use and the stresses of production environments.

Green building

CAP IT has always been sensitive to protection and eco-sustainability issues, and it’s constantly looking for innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy and energy saving systems. 

With this in mind, also in the company CAP IT has chosen not to install gas heating, but to heat the rooms with an electrical system with diffused radiation. 

CAP IT has also entered into a partnership with companies specialized in the sector and proposes itself as a partner in the choice of innovations for green building, ranging from the supply of materials to environmentally friendly solutions for heating, insulation and well-being and comfort of the environment., up to the installations of photovoltaic, cogeneration and renewable energy systems.

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