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It’s time to pick the olives: CELMI IS THERE

CELMI srl, specialized in the design and production of industrial weighing systems for over 40 years, is also operating in the agri-food sector, in particular in the oil sector, to meet the specific weighing needs of oil mills, which need to measure the weight of fruit and oil. 

Over the years, the Celmi team has created solutions for all stages of olive processing: from harvesting to production and bottling of the oil. In detail we present a product designed for weighing the fruit: the LP7620 weighing platform with 4 load cells, especially the stainless steel version. 

Its main features are:

  • No frame, low profile, self-aligning feet, 
  • 4 load cells in steel alloy or stainless steel, 
  • Accuracy: III, 
  • Option: full stainless steel (frame + cells) ideal for use in the agri-food sector, 
  • Capacity: 0.5 – 1 – 1.5 – 2 – 3 – 5 up to 10 t.

Other features are:

  • Plate: smooth plate;
  • SS surface: brushed;
  • Size: 1.0×1.0 / 1.25×1.25 / 1.25×1.5 / 1.5×1.5 / 1.5×2.0 / 2.0×2.0 / 2.0×3.0, 
  • Resolution: normally 3000e, optional 6000d or 15000d, 
  • Operating temperature: -10°C – +40°C.

For an optimal, accurate and reliable weighing result, the LP7620 platform can be connected to our LCD, a weighing and dosing unit, ideal for these applications: 

  • Weighing of silos, hoppers, etc. 
  • Warehouse platforms, hopper mix preparation systems, 
  • Loading trucks from silos, 
  • Direct dosing in mixer;

Main features of the Celmi LCD are:

  • Compact construction for panel front, 
  • No.: 6 multifunction digital inputs and 11 outputs, 
  • Fault alarm output, 
  • Programmable analog output, 
  • Power supply up to 8 load cells, 
  • Removable terminal blocks, 
  • Simple 6-button keyboard, 
  • Complete management of multiple units by supervisor via opto-isolated RS485 network,
  • Complete program of all static weighing functions.

For more information on our weighing solutions for the agri-food sector and to discover all the other products in the CELMIsrl catalogue, you can visit the website and write to

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