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KOVERTEC PSA™: the best abrasion protection for hydraulic hoses

Smart Protections Srl is a leader in the field of pneumatic hose extrusion and hose protectors. The latter field includes protectors for high-pressure hydraulic hoses, with the proven brands Texsleeve, Shiltek & Kovertec.

Hose protection must be total and must ensure maximum efficiency of the normal working functions required of the hose.

Attentive to every need, Smart Protections has developed the Kovertec PSA line, a product with remarkable technological content that, thanks to manufacturing innovations, stands out as a distinctive element in the industry.

The Kovertec PSA thermoplastic spiral was specially designed, tested and manufactured to offer the end user a product of the highest quality that can meet any type of operational requirement.

Operating temperature: 20°C to +85°C with peaks up to 95°C.

It is a product available in black and yellow. Other colors and sizes can be supplied upon request.


The characteristics of KOVERTEC PSA

The high quality standard of the materials used ensures that the KOVERTEC PSA spiral has a high resistance to abrasion, with values well above the requirements of ISO 6945.

The special design that characterizes the spiral is specially made to ensure the best level of protection even when the hose is bent. In fact, the rounded profile of Kovertec PSA ensures perfect interpenetration between the individual rings of the spiral while maintaining maximum protective power, significantly better than that obtained with other products on the market with a flat section.

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