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All the numbers of B2B Industry: global connections and unlimited opportunities

B2B Industry is the directory that showcases major players in B2B industries such as agritech, industrial automation, pneumatics, glass industry, textile industry, and many others.

The more than 2,000 companies on the portal stand out for their commitment to ESG, and present themselves to an international audience through the publication of news, photos, videos and events. Through B2B Industry, companies have the opportunity to connect with new potential customers and suppliers for their industry through their presence in an extensive and specific directory.

To date, the platform has 50,000 active users and has more than 350,000 page views.

The platform actively addresses the international market, attracting users and industry experts from all over the world. The numbers on the foreign market are astonishing: by number of users and views, the United States leads the ranking with more than 10,000 views, followed by Canada, Spain, France, South Korea, and the Netherlands.

The numbers on social platforms are growing steadily. To date, B2B has a total of 1,358 followers on LinkedIn.

B2B Industry guides you in finding new partners for your business!

Join B2B Industry and show the world your company’s special features and products. As evidenced by the data, more and more companies confirm their interest in the portal and its social profiles.

Do you want your company to be part of the B2B industry?

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