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Logistics: traveling towards the future

The pandemic has accelerated the changes already underway in supply chains. Delays, skyrocketing prices, flooded ports and callpoints and unavailable raw materials have in fact forced a rapid turnaround and new solutions within the supply chain.

What are the new trends?

The surveys conducted on the logistics sector show, in fact, the explosion of the latest generation wireless technologies, but also of quantum computing and new types of packaging. Instead, the use of big data and augmented and virtual reality is consolidated.

The real goal, however, is to create infrastructures and platforms with integrated digital services and networks. And to achieve this result, attention must be paid to three crucial concepts for the logistics of the near future.

Sustainable logistics

First point on the list is sustainability. In fact, a rethinking of supply chains is required to improve efficiency and optimize resources. And the project is ambitious: it is not just a question of reducing CO2 emissions, but of moving towards zero impact and even towards positive effects on the climate.

In this context, it will be essential to solve the last mile problem in urbanized locations, through the use of electric or hybrid vehicles, bicycles, drones, robots, hyper-local e-commerce and ecological packaging.

Transformation of the workforce

Second, it is worth thinking about a transformation of the workforce. In fact, we are moving towards hybrid work models, where technology takes over to bridge the gaps in knowledge, safety and mental and physical health of the worker.

And this progressive automation determines at the same time a lower demand for front-line personnel and a growing demand for specialized personnel.

Omnichannel logistics

The pandemic, as anticipated, caused a boom in e-commerce and home deliveries. This dynamic highlighted the need for an integrated and flexible omnichannel retail ecosystem. In this sense, it is essential to coordinate and optimize each process thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

Future goals

But the challenges don’t end there. The imperatives of the supply chains of the future will in fact be: ordering and fulfilling orders from anywhere, moving procurement solutions to the cloud, guaranteeing informative punctuality along the chain and ensuring foresight to offer the customer an integrated shopping experience and engaging.

Source: La Stampa

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