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Sustainability saves textile industry 6.1 billion dollars a year

Textile industry is moving towards a sustainable future. The report produced by the think tank Planet Tracker, in collaboration with the Apparel Impact Institute and a team of brands, manufacturers and industry associations, has in fact outlined the benefits of a one-off investment for reducing environmental impact.

Virtuous and advantageous practices

The experiment involved 67 facilities between China and Taiwan for an average investment of $ 455,000 each.
The report identified several beneficial practices for the industry. These include: the reuse of cooling water, the recovery of heat from hot water and exhaust gases and the improvement of the efficiency of the boiler and the insulation system.

Where to direct the investment

In addition, the implementation of energy saving equipment, more widespread temperature control and greater investments to change the processes and policies for the use of water and chemicals can be strategic to revolutionize the sector in a green key.

Savings data

The investment produced an average annual water saving of 11.5% and a 10.8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This is combined with an average cost savings of $ 369,500 per facility per year. This means that the entire industry would be preparing to save $ 6.1 billion a year, with a current value of more than $ 25 billion.

Increasing awareness of the advantages of a sustainable policy can therefore profoundly change the internal dynamics of the textile industry, favoring new investments and partnerships.

Source: The Chemical Engineering

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