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The transatlantic dialogue for sustainable agriculture

On November 3, EU Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, US Secretary for Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Italian MEP Paolo de Castro launched a permanent dialogue for transatlantic cooperation on crucial issues of world agriculture.

Sustainable food systems

A more intense and structured exchange of knowledge, imposed above all by the unspeakable climatic challenges, will in fact facilitate the “creation of positive food systems for farmers and consumers, for rural and urban areas”, as Vilsack comments.

De Castro, on the other hand, emphasizes the importance of innovative solutions, such as genetics and precision agriculture, to take the road towards a sustainable primary.

Transparent innovation

And a key word of the dialogue is transparency. Mistakes made with GMOs can no longer be repeated, explains Vilsack. New technologies must be described to producers and consumers with precision and clarity.

And the US Secretary of Agriculture pays particular attention to the recent study on genome editing. Could it be the solution for truly green production and harvests?

Source: Ansa

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