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The main components of a wind turbine

Invented at the end of the nineteenth century, when we talk about a wind generator we refer to a machine built to transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. This process is carried out with the use of wind turbines.

Let’s see what their main components are.  

  1. The rotor and the blades. Each turbine has a rotor equipped with blades, which has the function of capturing the energy of the wind. There are many types: single-bladed, two-bladed, three-bladed, multi-bladed.
  2. Electric generator. The generator uses the kinetic energy of the rotor and transforms it into electricity;
  3. Shaft and gears. Inside, wind turbines generally have a gearbox containing gears, connected on one side to the low-speed rotor shaft and on the other to the high-speed shaft of the generator;
  4. Control systems. The control and safety systems of a turbine include numerous components, which ensure its operation and prevent dangerous situations;
  5. Braking systems. The possible braking systems are of three types: aerodynamic, mechanical and electrical; 
  6. Orientation systems. Wind turbines can be of two types: upwind and downwind. The difference lies in the direction in which they are aimed: in the former, the rotor shaft must be pointed in the direction of the wind, while the latter are pointed so that the wind comes from their back;

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