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Password: maximum sealing in food packaging

For us at CELMI srl, specialized in the design and production of industrial weighing systems for over 40 years, precision is the target we aim for in every project that involves us. Achieving this objective becomes essential if we talk  about packaging, especially of edible products.

In this case, in fact, it is possible to maintain the integrity and  freshness of foods until they arrive on our tables, only through effective packaging and above all perfect sealing. In fact,  the latter is able to preserve food, removing most of the oxygen, avoiding chemical reactions triggered by it, which cause  deterioration. It also prevents the buildup of bacteria that can damage food. 






We at Celmi are excited to announce our latest collaboration in the food packaging sector.

For this  experimental activity, our team has developed a measurement system that sees our F1815 load cell as the  undisputed protagonist.

The goal is to achieve unprecedented precision in measuring the pressure  exerted during the hermetic sealing of bags for liquids intended for food consumption. It is essential that the  pressure is perfectly balanced: not too strong to damage the bag, but intense enough to avoid improper closures and  the risk of contamination. For this particular experimentation, our F1815 load cell is the ideal choice to guarantee  high levels of precision and safety. 

The F1815 load cell is optimal not only for packaging but also for various other applications where precision is vital.  This cell is characterized by its exceptional reliability and ability to provide measurements consistent, neutralizing the small variables that can influence the final result.

Our F1815 load cell is designed to detect even the slightest  fluctuations, managing them and transforming them into accurate, repeatable weighing data.

Here are the main technical characteristics of this technological jewel: 


  • Stainless steel 
  • IP 66 
  • Small volume 
  • Some applications are: 
    • Control in weighing systems  
    • Production machinery 
    • Weighing control systems on the machine, lifting 
    • Testing on machines 

CAPACITY: 5-10-20-30-50-100-20kg  

For more information on our weighing solutions and to discover all the other products in the CELMI srl catalogue, you  can visit the website and write to

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