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PUR of Smart Protections: tubes in polyurethane 98 SHORE A

Polyurethane 98 SHORE A hoses of Smart Protections are very flexible hoses with good elastic properties, even at low temperatures: the operating temperature is in fact between -40 and +60 ºC

The product is characterized by good resistance to abrasion and aging and good chemical resistance to oils, fats, oxygen and ozone.

Our standard product has a hardness of 98 SHORE A, but we can provide softer grades and special grades when prolonged contact with water or flame retardants are needed. 

The tolerance in I.D. is +/-0,1 mm; the tolerance on O.D. is up to 8 mm  +/-0,1 mm, more than +/-0,15 mm.

The operating pressure is calculated with safety factor 3:1.

Although the standard color of production is blue, for prolonged outdoor use we recommend the use of a black hose. The standard roll length is 100 meters. For availability of other lengths or colors, please contact our sales office. 

The main applications of Smart Protections polyurethane pipes are in the following areas: 
  • Pneumatics;
  • Instruments of control;
  • Robotics;
  • Dental equipment;
  • Agriculture;
  • Powder coating;

PUR is available in the following range:

To learn more, browse the catalog and do not hesitate to contact the technical department!

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