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The environmental policy of Smart Protections: prevention at the center

One of the most demanding challenges that industry 4.0 has to face in recent years is undoubtedly that of sustainability, which represents an essential objective, to be achieved and constantly improved. 

Smart Protections defines several fundamental principles that it intends to support. The company wants to protect the environment and promote its protection, identifying the sectors in which its business can have a negative impact. 

The intervention of Smart Protections is in fact of a preventive type, and wants to act in full compliance with the laws and regulations in force, providing complete support to local communities and competent territorial bodies, ensuring complete transparency towards the outside world. 

The company therefore requires its employees, collaborators and suppliers to operate in compliance with the principles set out in this policy, always trying to improve its Environmental Management System.

The environmental commitment of Smart Protections

In this regard, the company undertakes to make use of the advice of internal or external specialists to periodically monitor the application of the laws and regulations in force. 

The staff will undergo continuous training on the environmental issue in relation to individual skills, with the aim of involving them in the environmental protection protocol. 

The company undertakes to comply with the provisions of the laws, avoiding uncontrolled spillage on the ground and the danger of fire, and ensuring compliance with the limit values ​​for emissions into the atmosphere. 

Smart Protections is committed to improving waste management activities, respecting the separation criteria, to favor separate collection, favoring recovery and recycling. The company promotes the use of natural resources necessary for production processes, such as energy and water, promoting containment and reduction of consumption. 

Smart Protections involves external collaborating companies, stimulating the correct management of environmental aspects. 

In order to achieve these objectives, the management undertakes to provide adequate resources in terms of equipment, machinery, human resources and training at the various organizational levels.

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