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SPIR PU: Smart Protections PU recoiled tubing

Spir PU of Smart Protections can be made in either esther based or ether based PU and they have excellent resistance to bacteria, ozone and oxidation

For extended contact with fluids, especially water, we recommend the use of ether based PUwhich is able to withstand environments rich in salt and humidity. 

Esther based PU is suitable for all pneumatic applications. High abrasion resistance and flexibility (also at low temperatures) and resistance to oils and greases, make it a perfect solution for many industrial applications. 

Smart Protections’ recoils in PU have a maximum operating pressure at room temperature of about 10 bar and an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +60°C.

Standard colors are blue and yellow. We offer other colours and customized versions on request. Please contact our sales dept. for further information.

Main applications of SPIR PU tubing include:
  • Compressed air distribution systems with pneumatic tools;
  • Spray guns and compressors;
  • Powder coating;
  • Gardening;
  • Car wash systems;

SPIR PU is available in the following range:

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