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Spain: Grants ready for offshore renewable energy projects

The value of offshore renewable energy in Spain can be decisive in achieving the long-awaited national energy transformation and can also represent a profound change at an industrial, economic and social level. For this reason, the Spanish Government’s Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO) has announced the initial call for proposals for the Renmarinas Demos grant program.

Organization and subprograms

The program, with a budget of 240 million euros, is part of the Strategic Project for the Economic Recovery and Transformation of Renewable Energy, Renewable Hydrogen and Storage (PERTE ERHA). It aims to support the development and testing of offshore renewable energy prototypes and to position Spain as a leader in this field. The grants will be managed by the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) and will promote research in order to test innovative solutions for offshore renewable energy in the country.

The Renmarinas Demos grant program is divided into four sub-programs:

  1. the first one has a budget of 90 million euros and is intended exclusively for research institutions for the expansion of existing test platforms or the creation of new infrastructures for testing offshore and renewable marine technologies.
  2. Subprogram 2, with 60 million euros, will subsidize similar projects, but developed by companies, consortia and business groups.
  3. The 3rd area of the program allocates 45 million euros to technology demonstrators: prototypes and technologies for use in floating and fixed offshore wind power infrastructure, wave power, current power and floating solar power, as well as hybrid solutions.
  4. Subprogram 4 has another 45 million for joint test platform projects and offshore renewable technology demonstrators, when both are carried out simultaneously on the same offshore site.

Procedure and criteria

While applications will be accepted from 31 January to 24 March, projects must be completed before 15 January 2026 and must respect the principle of environmental sustainability. Furthermore, projects will be judged according to criteria such as complementarity with activities like aquaculture, fishing and other offshore operations, ecodesign and job creation.

Renmarina Demos represents a key step to invest in offshore renewable energy in Spain and facilitate the country’s decarbonisation process.
Last but not least, the new infrastructure developed will help strengthen other industries vital to the Spanish economy, such as the maritime and the shipbuilding sectors. 


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