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Leading sectors:


The Spanish agri-food industry is the country’s main manufacturing activity. Due to the quality of its products and its extensive range of items, the Spanish agri-food industry is highly regarded internationally. The industry is undergoing a disruptive and decisive transformation towards digitalisation and sustainability to face new challenges in the form of climate change and adapting to new consumer trends.

Renewable energy

Spain is a leader in the development of renewable energy from both a technological and industrial standpoint. Besides the commitment to reduce carbon emissions, there are several other factors that favor the momentum of Spainโ€™s renewable energy industry and allow the country to offer one of the most attractive competitive combinations in Europe: Spain excels in natural resources, has a high-quality electrical system that allows maximum renewable energy production under safe conditions and has a strong industry that covers the entire value chain.


The automotive industry is a strategic sector for the Spanish economy. Spain is one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe. Many foreign car and truck makers as well as suppliers have facilities and plants in Spain today developing and producing vehicles and components, not only for the needs of the internal market but also for exportation purposes. Spain is a competitive location for new projects in the automotive and mobility industry. Among its competitive advantages: solid automotive industry ecosystem, productive and flexible plants, leading international position and market access, availability of highly qualified and competitive human resources, complete supply chain and high investment in innovation.

Chemicals and Life Sciences

The Spanish chemical sector is a strategic industry in the country’s economy and an important generator of wealth and employment. This is one of the industrial sectors predicted to experience the fastest growth worldwide, thanks to its production capacity, industrial tradition and logistics infrastructures. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Spain has become one of the most dynamic and competitive globally. The biotechnology industry specifically, has grown hand-in-hand with the pharmaceutical industry. It has now, after two decades, achieved a stage of consolidation as an emerging industry.


The ICT sector was one of the fastest-growing sectors in Spain over the last decade and digitalisation is a strategic factor in transforming the production model and stimulating economic recovery in Spain. Science parks work in collaboration with the business sector to promote innovation projects in ICT clusters that are located in almost every part of the country. ICT is a mature sector in Spain, where prestigious businesses lead projects on international markets.


Spain has one of Europeโ€™s most important and varied mining industries. Coal accounts for a significant proportion of the countryโ€™s total mineral production. Other major products include metal such as iron, copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, uranium, mercury and gold.


Tourism is among Spainโ€™s leading industries, and the country is one of the worldโ€™s top tourist destinations. Spain’s success in the tourism industry is due especially to its rich cultural and natural attractions, but also to its exceptional infrastructures, the quality of its transportation and hotel density. Catalonia, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Andalusia and the Community of Valencia are the Spanish regions that welcome the most tourists.

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