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Vuototecnica and the vacuum test for coffee capsules

Quality control of food packaging is extremely important since sealed packaging, in particular, allows for the aroma and fragrance of food to be preserved, makes the product last over time and avoids waste.

Vuototecnica designed the ATP vacuum testing system precisely to test the sealing of food packages, whether they are flow-pack, PVC or cellophane. It is an easy-to-use device, pneumatically operated, capable of detecting all leaks. The air coming out of defective packages is immediately seen.

Everything works in a simple way: a vacuum is generated in a transparent container by means of a multi-stage pneumatic ejector. The package is then immersed in water to trace the leak, highlighted by any bubbles revealing the faulty point. The test values are adjustable and repeatable automatically.

The test can also be carried out without water (with the ATS equipment) to assess the seal of jars of preserves and pickles, bottles and all sealed packaging. Without using water, it is possible to insert the package to be tested in the Plexiglas container and create the vacuum. An integrated mini vacuum switch allows you to set the vacuum value of the test (according to law).

Vuototecnica proposes bell housings of different sizes and vacuum pumps of many sizes and capacities, depending on the product to be tested. The ATP 04, for example, has generous dimensions (56 liters of volume) to test large packages.

If you would like to learn more about these products, Vuototecnica is at Ipack Ima from 3 to 6 May to present these devices and a new test product designed specifically for testing coffee capsules.

The appointment is in Hall 7 at D30. For info:

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