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Glass for minimally invasive surgery: visibility and precision

The celebration of the International Year of Glass stimulates us to discover and tell the innate qualities and infinite applications of this material. In fact, glass is present in human evolution as one of the most versatile and effective materials. Used in multiple fields, its footprint also extends to medicine and technology.

Renewed medical procedures

Glass favors the manufacture of medical equipment and the design of smaller, more functional and more reliable systems.
A development that is well combined with the constant evolution of medicine. Endoscopic, laser and robotic surgery are in fact bringing significant transformations in the sector. Longer and more complex operations are replaced by less invasive and faster procedures.

Towards mini medical devices

The merit of this development of minimally invasive surgery is to be attributed to a more precise and reliable light delivery. The use of tiny cameras and fiber optic image guides allows the internal images of the bodies to be transferred to a screen, providing the surgeon with a complete picture of the area of treatment.

The value of lighting

Providing homogeneous, natural and brilliant white light in the visible spectrum is essential for a precise intervention. Glass optical fibers guarantee exactly this result, since they maintain high transmission over long distances, favoring a realistic view of human tissue.

Laser light treatments

Furthermore, the diffusion of laser light therapies, from the treatment of tumors to dermatology, plays a strategic role for the health of patients. These applications require the precise delivery of light in the visible, NIR and UV spectrums to the point of treatment.

Glass optical fibers

Glass optical fibers offer outstanding transmission of white light and low color shift. The latter advantage ensures that illuminated objects retain their natural color, even in long-length applications. The bundles of glass optical fibers also provide high chemical stability and have extremely small bending radii and significant flexibility.

Glass-based luminous diffusers

Glass based luminous diffusers are available in different geometries, specific for each use. And they optimize performance thanks to the homogeneity of the transmissions.


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